NFTs from real human eyes

Discover the unique world of EYEPIXX and secure your own NFT.

Each NFT is a photograph of a real human eye.

What is EYEPIXX?

EYEPIXX Iris-Photography is an internationally represented brand from Germany. We have been photographing the eyes of thousands of people for several years now and create unique works of art from each iris.

Since the iris is as individual as the fingerprint, each image is unique and our NFTs cannot simply be “generated”. Behind each NFT is a real human being with its corresponding individual genetic traits.

The Future

Explosions and more

EYEPIXX is a long-term project in which new collections will appear again and again.

In addition to very special and rare iris photos, we are currently also working on several special collections, such as the “explosions project“: Holders with three or more tokens will be able to combine purchased NFTs to mint a new exclusive “EYEPIXX Explosion” NFT.

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The Team